I would like to pursue doing research on the physicalization of data by means of a PhD. Currently I am applying for an open position at Lancaster University together with Steven Houben as my prospective supervisor. The proposed research goal would be to obtain a more conceptual understanding of physical ambient visualizations and examine how certain visualization properties allow end-users to construct or configure their own physical visualizations in context. Additionally, I plan on doing two paper submissions: a short paper on the LOOP project for TEI 2019 and a full paper on the Econundrum project for CHI 2019.

Furthermore, I’m applying for an internship in Oxford for the first upcoming months. The role of the intern would be to drive an initial exploration and ideation for a new research project on the role of situated devices in parenting interventions for families. The prospective outcome of this internship would be to communicate a vision for this research space by means of a range of speculative scenarios or design fiction prototypes.

Lastly, I was asked to submit the Econundrum project which would allow me to communicate the project to a large public. Whereas my interest lies in research, Econundrum was designed to be used by a community, which in this case could be the Dutch Design Week community. My plan would be to make the system reactive to the visitors of the exhibition so they can all see the climate impact of what they consumed in relation to each other. As the study illustrated that the colored circles of the food types were remembered well within a short time, they could be valuable to give the visitors something to think about.