Mind the Step 2016 | Night of the Nerds 2017


  • Type: Exhibitions
  • Goal: Communicate my work by means of exhibiting to a public.
  • Competencies: TR

Key learning points

1. Exhibiting own work.
2. Adapting to target audience.
3. Networking.


I exhibited 3 of my projects at two different events in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. First, I exhibited at Night of the Nerds, which is an event with the aim to make youngsters enthusiastic about the world of creativity and technology. I exhibited here on the Creative Tech stage with the projects Finances at a Glance and LOOP. Second, I exhibited at Mind the Step, which is an exhibition as part of the yearly Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I exhibited here with the projects EPIC and Finances at a Glance as part of the Big Data theme.


For both events I had to do some redesigning of the prototypes in order to make them more solid and ready for the public. In particular, for Night of the Nerds I did some redesigning on my way of communication as well, as the target audience was youngsters and I wanted to address them appropriately. During the events I found it really interesting to see how your own work is perceived by the large public. For example, Finances at a Glance created a multitude of discussions on whether or not financial information would be desirable in your living environment and to what extend others could interpret the information as well.