DIS 2017 - Designing Interactive Systems Conference


  • Type: Conference Demo
  • Goal: Present own work to the HCI community.
  • Competencies: TR

Key learning points

1. Experiencing my first conference.
2. Demonstrating my own work.
3. Expanding my network.


Demo paper

DIS website


Shortly after passing my M1.2 semester, together with the co-authors I rewrote the paper of LOOP into an extended abstract, which got accepted as a demo for DIS 2017. Therefore, I created an improved version of the prototype, to make it more solid and convenient to install, and took it with me to Edinburgh to present.


Attending the DIS conference gave me the opportunity to engage with the HCI community, broaden my knowledge and have a front-row seat in the presentation of current matters that play in this research field. I was very excited to be there and overwhelmed with all the inspiration that I got from the presentations. Demonstrating the project was very exciting and I got quite some positive comments, feedback and new insights from other researchers. The conference ended with the award show and to my great surprise we had won the Best Demo Award of DIS 2017, which I’m very proud of. In conclusion, the conference was a great experience and made me even more eager to present my own work to a public and pursue in doing research.